Frameshift Cybernetics, a division of Frameshift Corporation, had created many cybernetic devices to augment human function. Aural and Ocular implants were used to convey information directly into the user’s senses. These were used in everyday life before the apocalypse, replacing smart phones and other hand-held devices. Exoskeletons and other implants or augmentations that enhanced people physically were also used, mostly for military application. After the fall of the human race, methods for installing cybernetics were all but lost. As such, in the post apocalyptic world, you must hack together scavenged parts to obtain the benefits of cybernetic augmentation.

- Scavenge and repair technology found in the world to create cybernetic augmentations for yourself and your friends.
- Perform amateur surgery on fellow survivors to install cybernetics. Enhance movement, strength, vision, hearing, and endurance.
- Once you are augmented with an Ocular Implant, you have access to a vision overlay to provide more data about the world and your surroundings.
- Salvage data from systems you encounter when scavenging and from bodies of victims who were augmented pre-apocalypse. You’ll find GPS coordinates of valuable stashes, applications to further enhance yourself, schematics for technology, and more.