DODGE DEMON - Humanoid Concept Design
Andrea chiampo gif 600 height photoshop

Bad quality gif of one of the Dodge Commercials with the Demon :)

Andrea chiampo human demon final abs


Andrea chiampo dodge human demon final 5

One version had a tail and a "lava river" coming from the head

Andrea chiampo new abs rear view no sharp crop1


Andrea chiampo human demon final 3
Andrea chiampo new abs crop
Andrea chiampo human face demon

Early side view

Andrea chiampo human demon final 2

WIP without robotic ABS

Andrea chiampo screen new abs 2

Entirely sculpted in ZBrush

Andrea chiampo organic front view 1

Early version without robotics

Client: MindoverEye / DODGE (FCA)
Role: Concept Designer (2016)

Concept design for commercials of the Dodge DEMON car.

The goal was to design a robotic-humanoid "Alter Ego" of the DEMON car.
Muscle: mechanical parts
Skin: asphalt/cold lava material